Test Server Updated to 12w36a

The test server has been updated to the latest weekly snapshot. New features include:

A new scary decoration block

[ul][li]The secret from previous snapshots is now spawnable[/li]
[li]A new mob variant in the Nether[/li]
[li]Minor changes to the leather dyeing (the colors will attempt to maintain intensity and not dilute as much)[/li]
[li]The work in progress block is now called Beacon and can be crafted[/li]
[li]Carrot on a stick![/li]
[li]Bug fixes[/li][/ul]

[size=1em]This is a vanilla white-listed server. If you wish to play on here, please post here and you will be added.

add me please

please add!

Me please
IGN : drager980

Can you add my friends steepslope and zorjeff aswell?

not trying to sound newbish here, but where do you get the new screenshots for MC so that i can ge ton here?

Assuming you mean snapshot not screenshot, I googled the last one xD

lol, indeed i did, i was typing that last post rushed cause of work ::slight_smile:


a java exception has occured? da faq is that mean?

just oracle 7.

IGN: polarbearpowers
please let me join :smiley:

I’m getting this too, but on our main server without even updating :S

Yeah, strangely both of my jar files are not working. I have one for the new snapshot and one for the SMP server. I guess its a Mojang issue? It was working yesterday.

Did you update java? I think that’s the problem. I haven’t updated Java in forever (which I don’t recommend, but I have it so it can’t run in browser).

Update: Tried logging in it’s being a pain just fails to login. Mojang issue as Kyle assumed. Seems to be back up.

Confirmed to be the Mojang session server having problems. We’ll just have to wait for it to come back online

eheh wut?^

It’s another spambot. I have already deleted/banned 3 of them this hour.

when ever i try to join it sais outdated client

Go to Mojang.com, download the weekly release snapshot client jar, and replace the one you already have in your bin folder.

Also, make sure you back your old one up.

For some odd reason i’m unable to join for the past couple hours now. when i try to join it says
“Connection lost : End of Stream” and when i look at server stats it says i’m actually online which i am not. also my friends cant log onto it either. can somebody fill me in?