Terrorist Attacks on Paris

Friday the 13th is said to be unlucky… I’m beginning to believe that…

I wont rant, but if anyone hasn’t heard yet, there have been terrorist, yes, terrorist attacks on the city of Paris France. According to police, at least 60 killed, and around 100 taken hostage. This is huge. Terrorist attacks are never good, but one on a city as large as Paris is a nightmare.

Pray for Paris

Last I heard was 60 dead, 2 of the gunmen shot dead, 1 arrested.

Another sad situation. Unfortunately this seems to be occurring more frequently lately :frowning:

This is just a big blow for everyone. First we have the Russian A321 Airliner breaking apart midair, then we have Obama saying ISIS is slowly withering away (in my own words) (and No, I’m not imply that ISIS did this. We have NO clue yet!) now this fresh batch of horsecrap. Sigh.

Update : Some sources say over 160 are now dead. This attack is huge, and getting bigger…

The world we live in…

The world is a wonderful place with many flaws…


It’s an awful world we live in. We have French players I believe, so we can only hope they are doing well, themselves. Keep the country in your thoughts, for sure.

Hollande has now declared a state of emergency for the entire country. Stay safe, frenchies.

My heart goes out to the French communities, life shouldn’t be like this. I hope that you are truly safe, and know that everyone is sending you as much ‘love’ in this time. Mes pensées sont avec vous Paris! #PrayforParis

I knew it was Friday the 13th before I found out about the news. I agree with jmvvana, about it becoming true. This attack must have been planned for this certain date. It’s crazy, because I always knew that there would be a attack on Paris, because of it’s growing immigrant population. I know that not all immigrants are bad, I know that they can use the web to create foreign allies. For example, a Syrian goes on the web to communicate with a French man, they have been planning on a attack in Paris, but the Syrian won’t be there. The French man decided of joining ISIS, and is in a group of them in Paris. They strike! It’s nearly impossible to stop a terrorist organization, but the US doesn’t use force, and instead talk about it, and rave against ISIS. I know that there are soldiers in the Middle-East, but the job is never finished, and the civil wars will go on.

“The Foreign Office says those concerned about British nationals caught up in the attacks should call 020 70081500.”

ofc Britan is only going to care about those British in france.

As would every other county. It’s their job to do that. Other countries will be doing the same thing.
The BBC has made a summary article of the whole event in chronological order: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-34818994

It’s believed that the people who did this were not previously involved in terrorism, so there is no way of figuring out that they would do this.

I’m relieved that not more people were killed in the concert, it had 1,500 people in it. It’s currently estimated that 80 of those people were killed.

Thanks guys for those who voiced their support, i personally have most of my family in Paris luckily none of them were involved though my grandfather was watching the match which if u didnt know got hit by three suicide bombers. All i can say is currently the streets are pretty calm and it has been called an act of war from ISIS.

This act is simply inexplicable, and as Im sure everyone is we are all shocked by this.

In the event of someone needing to contact an embassy in France:

Australia: +33 1 40 59 33 00
Belgium: + 33 1 47 54 07 64
Britain (if you are a British national in France) : +33 1 44 51 31 00
Britain (if you are in the UK and concerned about a British national in France): 020 7008 1500
Canada: +33 1 44 43 29 00
Denmark: +33 1 44 31 21 21
Ireland: +33 1 44 17 67 00
India: +33 1 40 50 70 70
Germany: +33 1 53 83 45 00
The Netherlands: +33 1 40 62 33 00
Norway: +33 1 53 67 04 00
Russia +33 1 45 04 05 50
Spain (for nationals trying to contact the embassy): 0033 615 938 701
Sweden: +33 1 44 18 88 00
United States: +33 1 43 12 22 22
New Zealand: +33 1 45 01 43 43

Facebook is doing its usual disaster plan, which is to allow people to say they are safe. All google hangouts calls to or from France are free for the time being.

What a strange world we live in…

Nos coeurs sont avec les gens qui sont mort en Paris.

I’ve been watching BBC news for hours since this morning now…sad this is happening. IS say they were responsible (although not fully proven yet) and they found a Syrian passport near one of the gunmen bodies.
They also found a ‘suspicious package’ at Gatwick Airport in England and have evacuated that whole terminal and arrested a man.

To all our friends in France we wish you well - hopefully none of you were anywhere near the terrorist attacks in Paris.

We will all be thinking of you guys over there.

What a world we now live in - these terrorists are cowards - to use arms on unarmed people that were just out for an enjoyable evening.

I am sure all our thoughts are with the families that have lost someone dear to them in this terrible happening.


My Hopes and Prayers go to the people of Paris, i have a friend who is over seas for a school trip, and they are alright, i cant imagine what it is like to be there now, i have been up since 4 AM EST watching the news, i hope whoever did this is caught and is punished for it. #PrayForFrance #PriezpourlaFrance