Terrorism in Middlebury

Recently, Nascarrox_1 bombed one of the urban skyscrapers in Middlebury. No matter the reason behind this act, innocent or not, the building had to be manually repaired, due to roll-backs not undoing tnt.

The act occurred in a northern high-rise, near Edgehaven. The bomb was planted on the 4th floor, in TheGreyAsteroids apartment and damaged a total of 5 apartments.

While nobody was injured, the structure endured heavy damage and required the following materials to repair:

1 stack of oak planks
1/2 stack of spruce planks
1 stack of glass blocks

The offender had been banned from the server for now until we publishes a ban appeal. There currently is no suspected danger or threat of terrorism at the moment; however is you see any suspicious activity, please report to a mod+. Thank you.

just went to help Fer with his supplies.

maybe we need to learn how to rollback TNT though. i know ive seen it done, just not sure how

r u reporting terrorism or griefing?

I can rollback TNT if need be its a weird command…

I thought you could rollback TNT as if it were a player, but other than that, you could use go to the location and do an Area rollback (/lb rollback area -- since -- ?), resetting the blocks within the area to an earlier version of itself. That’s how i fixed a bombing of Ouhai’s house in Farcoast not too long ago.
[Not sure if that was the exactly correct syntax, but the concept is the same.]

As for the purpose of this thread, Ferrari is more or less just getting some news action going on for Middlebury, since the repair has apparently already been made.

I love how Middlebury operates like a real city :wink:

Wonder who taught you that command :stuck_out_tongue:

You can roll back tnt as if it was a player. Just like creepers (if we had block damage enabled)


For future reference water and lava griefs can be undone in the same way also.

Gone for 3 days, Terrorism happens…Im scared on what would happen if i leave for a year xD