THIS SERVER IS TERRIBLE, I hate playing here you admins are TERRIBLE this server just needs to shut down NAO. its OVER im OUTTA HERE BYE!!!

[move][size=24pt]APRIL FOOLS!!![/move]
Just joking, this is the best community :stuck_out_tongue:

… wow… yeah glad i didn’t jump the gun and ban you just nao. i was almost like
“ok, bai, dont let the door hit you on the ass”

but tis all good now. i guess taht is a good april fools if it really tricked me

Thanks for not being so quick to judge, i honestly thought it was a fail joke but glad I got someone! :stuck_out_tongue:

I was involved in this I bet we got some people goood. Have fun building :smiley: ~~~!!

Watch him get banned xD
It will be an accident but it would be funny

‘Now I will go grief the entire survival, creative, and classic server!!!’


Hahahahaha, nice prank you got me there :stuck_out_tongue:



April fools. Idk im quite board

Got me… damn you.

Okay, that was pretty good…

Normally you would have gotten me but on April Fools i never get caught off guard and yes that is a challenge.