Hey guys. I just bought Terraria from steam and I was wondering who plays it because Iā€™m going to need help getting started and I would love to play online with you guys :slight_smile: If you have a server or something can I come on it :smiley:

I love it :stuck_out_tongue:

Do what you do in minecraft.

Cut down trees, using an axe
dig using a pic
make shelter
make workbench using wood (press esc for inventory and crafting)
make back walls (wood wall, stone wall can use most materials), back walls are needed to stop things spawning in your home. any wall apart from dirt works.
kill slimes to get slime gel, and craft with wood to make torches
get stone, torches and wood to make a furnace
find ore and other goodies
smelt what you can
make an anvil out of iron bars
make tools/armour out of smelted materials

For an npc to move in (merchant, nurse, arms dealer, demolitionist, dryad, guide) you must make another house, or room, containing a door, a table, a chair, and a light source. Each npc sells different things. The guide will automatically take the first house you make.
Each npc also has different things needed, for them to appear (eg, for a merchant, you need at least 50 silver coins)

Also. Dont die. You will find out alot more as you play xD

do you play online liam?