Terraria Server/map changes.

Ok guys, for those who are intrested in this type of stuff. I plan to make a new map sometime soon (large).

The server will be updated to the latest version and ssi will be enabled (server side inventory), This will mean that everyone starts as a new char, no matter what.

Spawn will be made properly this time, a house or a few houses that will be uninhabited by server users (just there for npc housing). Warps will be made to and from spawn.

Boss spawning will be deactivated to the best of my ability, they will become server events with set times of happening (so everyone gets a chance at doing it) Hardmode will be put off for a while, not sure what to do about it.

This is somewhat debatable, if another proposal is made or if enough people disagree then plans can be edited, what cha all think?

I think the normal bosses can be done whenever, just organise the wall of flesh one as that activates hard mode. It’s not too difficult to get the resources to spawn the others. (Talking about EoC, EoW, Skele, I don’t know about any new ones.)

What limo said. Well, except for Skeletron maybe. Skeletron should be an event.

Can that not be summoned multiple times? Or do you say that purely because of it’s difficulty? Hell, sure, make it an event. The other 2 are pretty easy to do whenever though.

Not because of the difficulty, but because it unlocks the dungeon.

Ah, fair point.

So in short, noone yolo anything apart from EoC and EoW…