Temporary Modpacks?

Hello all, for everyone not aware we usually have a custom FTB server up. Due to a few reasons, none of which being that I broke the server for once (I think…), our 1.7.10 modified Infinity server has been down for a while. Also with the fact that people are still in the midst of converting mods over to 1.8.9/1.9 we’re not quite reading to make a new kitchen sink pack yet.

So in the mean time I’m here to gauge interest in setting the Modded Minecraft server up again with some temporary modpacks. All of these would be modpacks that take advantage of the HQM mod, which adds a quest book filled with quest chains for you to work through and be rewarded for completing. They generally have a background theme or plot to them and are a great way to discover or learn mods that you might not have thought of using.

For example, one of the modpacks being considered at the moment is Blightfall, a combination of a quest based modpack and a adventure map. The setting is you’re colonists trying to settle a new planet, but it turns out to be infested with purple alien life. For anyone not familiar with mods, this is taking advantage of Thaumcraft’s Taint mechanic, which will spread and infect full blocks until they dissolve. It will also infect creatures and make them aggressive against anything not tainted. To combat this you will use plants to purify areas to make exploration easier, letting you advance technologically instead. You have a choice at the start of which biome area you’d like to spawn in, and are able to team up with other players to help push back the Blight.

In short we would host this modpack for a month or two before hopefully moving on to a 1.8.9 modpack. If not we can change the server over to another quest pack until we feel there are a sufficient number of mods to make our own pack. Opinions on this plan are appreciated, as are thoughts on using Blightfall or any other questpacks to hold us over.

I’d join. These kind of packs are really interesting for about a month at a time. Hyper cubed^4 was really fun because it was an adventure exploration game that allowed some farming and tech for mats. Not much grinding.

This one sounds like its a challenging survival game.

Yeah sounds fun, just need more people lol.

We’re currently in FTB infinity evolved Sky block which is fun as hell =)

if you staff doesn’t like this plz delete the spoiler.[/details]

I agree with kyle, Quest based modpacks make for a great stopgap untill a fully custom modpack can be made/updated.

Only issue with blightfall is that it would have to be played similarly to how we played hypercube, as in everyone at once for sessions and in one team, or people will miss out on whatever plot it has as well as the locations. multi team wouldn’t work.

But in short, another reason to play FTB, HELL YEA!

I’m up for it

Actually Fatso, I think Blightfall might be fine even if not everyone is there. Main reason for this is that there are like, 5 or so starter zones all in different biomes. So progress in one should be separate from the others. All work toward the common goal of cleaning the planet.

Granted, It’s a lot more fun with everyone playing. It should work differently from hypercube because this is a world and not a small area to explore.

To clarify for those of you too lazy to look deep into the link, the map is about 3.75k square blocks in size. The map itself is custom built. There are 6 different biome domes to spawn into from the mothership, but once you choose one you’re locked into it, so you can claim a dome with a group you know you can play with often. It has at least 7 mods made specifically made for this pack, some making easier way to combat the taint. Iguana Tweaks is in full effect, there are some annoying mining tiers, but there are a bunch of new ores to make up for it.

So if you guys are doing this, what will be done on the secret side project? Q.Q

There’s 24 hours in a day, I’m sure we’ll work on it 5 minutes a day or something.

Nice crass xD

Q.Q ok

So, Kyle and I did the thing. Download the Technic Launcher and pack, latest version.

IP is the same as the normal FTB server. Oh and we may have started without you, cheers.

Just to update this, Blightfall has been finished. As of tongiht I’ve switched over the pack to Project: Ozone, which is a kitchen sink skyblock pack, complete with dozens of quests. As before, download the pack here , the server IP is the same. Be sure to take notice of the signs at spawn.

Will you and sacred actually play fully this time…? XD



MAKE THAT CLOSER TO A YES. A few mods we haven’t ever played with are in it and it has me intrigued. XD

Seeing how we already blew up a portion of our island…maybe.

What island? ::slight_smile: