Temporary Leave

I’m gonna be gone from today(6/9/14) till thursday next week because of finals. Adios people

I’ll be on once in a while if I have time but dont expect me to be on for the usual times.

Skee 8)

nooooooooooo, have fun :slight_smile:

Good Luck with your finals, and just remember to breathe. You can DO IT.

Good luck! 8)

Have fun -_-

Good luck! Remember, if you don’t know the answer, pick C.

The answer is 42

Good luck, and have fun!

Remember, pie is delicious and is 3.14 with a bunch of other numbers

Thanks guys! 8)

I don’t believe I gave you permission to leave your post soldier…

Once you are done with these so called “Finals”, your punishment for desertion shall be awaiting you.

Deus magnus.

Cya when you get back, good luck and don’t stress yourself over finals!