Temple of Ender

Since my floating village is done, I am going to give myself a different project, which is building a temple dedicated to the End.

I will mainly use Stone Brick, Endstone, Obsidian, Nether Portal (for some ambient lightning, I am not going to place torches everywhere), and End Portals. The latter two require spawning, so I will need help with that.

How it’s going to look like? A large stone temple with small obsidian pillars, the inside decorated with endstone, an obsidian staircase (lighted with Nether Portal blocks) leading down a gigantic dome in which there is alot of enderportal at what appears to be the bottom, floating chunks of endstone and a bridge leading to the middle of the room, a platform with a well with end portal.

If you want to help me with building, I’d appreciate it greatly.

Status: Dome is being decorated with floating rock masses. Building surface part.


I’m in.

IF. It’s on survival, I am yet to build somewhere for the nether egg xD
Eh. I might still help in creative :slight_smile:

Well, I can do it in survival too. But then the topic needs to be moved, and also edited slightly.

Let me know when you have decided, and edited what you need to (if you decide to survival it up :stuck_out_tongue: ) Then I will move it for you :smiley:

i could help but i took an arrow to the knee.

Well, yes. I think that I should do survival anyway. Creative has easier building, but survival actually gives a sense of achievement, and would also be actually used by people.

Ok, it can be moved now. All that needs to be changed to the post is the “I will start as soon as Creative get’s updated, and”, which needs a removal. Only that part.
We also might have to build an entrance in the End, because currently the spot you are teleported to looks slightly awkward. And the Spawn glitch needs fix too, I think that the latest bukkit will fix it.
I hope we can start soon :smiley:


pull the arrow out of my knee then smelly

I was right about to do that, but then I took an arrow to my knee.

EDIT: thanks for moving the thread liam :smiley:

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