Temp. Warp for Newtown

Heyyy, its Fairy and i was wondering if an OP+ could do me and my friends a favor of giving us a temp. warp for our town. Ouhai originally gave us one but its a temp. warp so it was taken off, but i was wondering if we could extend it for reasons. 1. Out of the few of us, most are members. And recently the command ./tppos has been taken off for the members. Which means someone above member would have to be there for the others to get to the town. 2. Its convenient because if some can visit our town we can get the news out about it and what not. Mostly the first reason of course, also its on a huge island and we cant use boats, so it would be hard for them to walk over there. So we just need a temp. warp and it would be very helpful for us. Our town is currently known as Newtown but the name isnt finalized. :stuck_out_tongue: So yeah, please help :3
Fairytaillov3r ;D

It’s up to those able to provide you a warp, but as I said earlier, we really don;t do “Temp Warps”, because then we have to delete it after, and that can be a hassle to remember. It’d make it much easier on staff if you could just set home there instead.

Why are boats still banned? They weren’t on the PVP server and a few staff members said they were fixed a while back.

Boats are unbanned now. There is no reason why they cannot get by without the warp.

Okay then. Thanks for the info :stuck_out_tongue:

I placed a sethome there so ask me if you need to get there.