Temp 1.2 Terraria Server!

[size=1.45em]Random 1.2.3 Server - Vanilla

Port: 7777
Updated: 17/02/14

Q N’ A! (questions and answers)

Q - Why does the Ip and port change so much?!
A - Because I have a dynamic ip and cant be assed to get a hosted link. Also the ports change due to errors with people connecting (some ports work better then others).

Q - The server is offline! Waahhh!
A - Check if it is daytime gmt time/ If im on steam/skype/ if there is a updated IP and port.

Q - There is a problem with the server something or other is borked!
A - Tshock is trying to update itself in steps, some things are broken. Server will be updating ever so often till its stable.

Q - The server is so laggy! Buy better tinternets!
A - No. If need be I can try smaller maps and I promise during uptime that I wont download anything too big, but any other bit of lag is something I cant fix. Its the problem of running a server at home on a crap internet.

I’ve been really wanting to play Terraria with somebody (cause playing alone is boring), so the second I saw this under ‘Recent Activity’ I got really excited! Imma see if it’s on in a minute, need to do something first. Anyway, go Fatso! :smiley:

So, slight spoilers and unconfirmed rumors here, but…

[details=“Spoiler”]Well, there is a music track called Lunar Boss. Redigit hinted at a boss the size of the world.
[size=78%]We are going to fight the motherfucking moon ;~;[/details]

I’ll join when I’m not half dead or busy n dat shit.

Liam how can you be half dead.
Have you been doing them dr00gs again.
Goddammit liam.

Sleep deprivation. Gahd dahm eht.
Anyway, I really want to play this now but have a lack of time to do so xD

So this is a fairly new thread, posted yesterday, and you updated it in February of this year…

Time travelers

Didn’t the terraria devs say there would be no more updates?

For brits it correctly goes ‘day/month/year’ >.<
why have month/day/year? You dont read the time as hour/second/minute! It goes Hour/minute/second :smiley:

Yea, then they must of changed their mind about it after seeing how much money people were throwing at them.

Terraria went to the 360, so naturally they had to do some updates to keep fans happy, so they implemented shit onto the PC version

Is the server down right now? I can’t seem to connect.
Never mind, just noticed the IP changed >.<

They recently did a big update, is the server still running?

People are currently on it so yes it is :smiley:

Update for terraria has been made.

gonna be running a small temp server for people to mess around on till people get bored of it again, check back here for ip and port if you want to go and play on it!

sweet! thanks fatty!