Whilst the incredibly brainy people are trying to fix the server I thought I’d start a thread for the city I’ve been building called Telluria. I can’t remember the co-ordinates and I don’t currently have any screenshots but as soon as I can get back on I will add more details to this post.

I am not officially the mayor, the mayor is an abstract artificially intelligent entity for which I am currently building a mainframe for, I am merely the mayor’s physical manifestation, a simple and unworthy pawn used to conduct trivial matters such as writing blog posts and discussing inter-city relations.

I don’t need help planning the city but there will be times where I will need help building, there is a hell of a lot of glazing to do on each building but this can only take place once I’ve fully planned out each section of the city. I have had a lot of help from one user (forgotten your name!) so thank you for that, you will be given your own private office, as will anyone else who helps a sufficient amount.

Feel free to drop by and have a look around, If you think you can build stuff in the same style then I can arrange a plot for you but I can’t promise I will be able to do this very quickly.

My most recent task has been building the official city hall and offices from which I will be able to conduct meetings and discussions.

There are two items on the agenda at present;

1 - Hold talks with JWalden590 about the proximty of our cities. I’m not sure who claimed what land first but we need to ensure we don’t infringe on each others land/LOS. At the same time it would be good to work together to build a suburban area between our cities if this is something we both want. In regards to warps, i’m not sure how far apart cities have to be to be eligible for a warp so we will need to discuss this with the guys who deal what that kind of thing. Also our roads are different widths so if we build a link we need to work out how to build the transition section.

2 - Hold talks with (forgotten the user’s name, is it Calik? or something?) regarding the nearby airport. The airport was there first but at a sufficient distance however I think it would be interesting to discuss the potential to link the airport with the city if you so wish.

Check back later/whenever the server is up and running and I should have some screenshots if anyone is interested.

P.S My city will mainly contain offices, shops, bars, restaurants etc, all of which need names and owners (i’m going to start with 1 user per unit to start with). Once I have a few built and they are in a usable condition I will be open to people suggesting names and claiming business ownership over these premises if anyone is interested. As this is on the creative server there will be no trading as such, it’s just for fun!

sounds good

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