Teleportation Poll

This suggestion is for all to just have TPA and not have any problems with people randomly tp’ing to you. TPA should be for everyone (except staff obv.) The vote is to remove the TP command and just make it TPA.

A lot of people have been talking of removing it, but it has its values once in a while… Sometimes its good to have a surprise, but at the same time, it needs… Limitations… Lol… I vote “Leave as is.” If you don’t like it, then you should just ask the person the person who teleports to stop.

I agree with Javi Bear Chicken Wang

Add another option then reset the votes

The ability for member/trusted/donator to turn their tptoggle off like staff can. It can be made where staff can still tp to them.


As long as Staff can override the toggle like you say it can, then everyone should have TP Toggle.

I vote YES for TPToggle.

I don’t see any problems with the current system. Voted “leave as is”.

Members recieved /tpa awhile ago… forgot to post that I had added it.

I think that Trusted and Donator should have tptoggle. These ranks need to be able to check out griefs and things related with a quick teleport. Griefers are going to deny the request, so these ranks need it.