Teleportation Permission Changes

Hello players of PCB!

Recently we have made a modification to some of the permissions regarding teleportation.

Members+ now have access to the command /tptoggle. For those who do not know what this command does, it just disables other players from teleporting to you. Use this if you do not want players to teleport to you.

Guide+ now have access to the command /tpo. This command allows an override to the toggle. Whether it’s on or off, Guides and Staff can still teleport to you.

Enjoy the new perks!

Thanks for reading,
-PCB Staff

takes credit for the suggestion

Thank you very much Sacred, Marco, and any other person who modified the permission to teleport. This will be very helpful for anyone who doesn’t want a donator/trusted to directly teleport to them without their consent. Hopefully, the modification will fix the issue of abusing the /tp command.

Great idea

This is gonna prevent so many petty arguments

(Also 100th post! Fuck yea!)

The rules regarding ASKING TO TELEPORT are still active regardless of these permission changes.
It’s not hard to ask someone to tp.

I take credit for the approval.

Can Guide+ have /tpohere please? Please???

good news, Sacred! Is good to know that PCB trusts in us! Thank you! :slight_smile:

eww, no.

We have tphere, but not tpohere. Its essentially the same thing, but it makes it easier to tpo someone to me than having them toggle and use tphere then retoggle