tekkitzarn - No Clue


Minecraft Username tekkitzarn

Date of Ban No Clue
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by No Clue

Reason for Ban Grief in the Market

Reason to be Unbanned I was at the market. yes. I griefed. Yes, but accidentally. I had broken a blue glass pane around the outskirts accidentally. I had been trying to consume bread. I switched my place block to b and my destroy block to v so that my parents wouldn’t know when I am on minecraft. I had accidentally held down v instead of b when trying to eat the bread. My cursor happened to be on the glass pane when I accidentally held down v, causing the pane to break. I didn’t have any glass because this was the player market (survival mode). I am very sorry. I had not intended to do any griefing. I hope that you will pardon me and give me a second chance.


[ Ban History ] No previous ban appeals on record.

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Banned by zakrox

Date of ban: 2014/06/16

I would understand if it was a mishap like that, but the pattern that the glass was broken in hints otherwise. If I’m correct, I took this screencap after banning you, and it shows more than one block broken. However, I believe in a second chance, as it was minor grief that was repairable. You’ll be unbanned, but watch your clicking or whatever for now on, and if you break something and know about it, tell a staff member, don’t just leave it there. That screams out grief to us, and will quickly ban for it. Thread locked, unbanned.