Tekkit Server

Many of you already know, but we now have an official Tekkit server.

I would say it is in a “Public Beta” stage. This means not everything is 100% ready, but very playable nonetheless. In the following weeks you may see some changes, as well as some downtime of the server in order to make the changes. If you see anything you want changed you can go ahead an make a topic right here.

The IP is [size=1.35em] as you can see up in the status bar.

For instructions on how to set up your Tekkit Client check out this awesome thread made by Fatso.

Currently the server is running with 2GB RAM dedicated to it, but soon that will be upgraded for even more speed!

Great work! Looking forward to trying it out :smiley:

So the map’s been reset?

Not yet no, same map.

Is it going to be kept for a little while longer sip?

It will be kept for the rest of today, at about 9PM PST it will be reset.

Are the black listed items posted anywhere?

I will make a post of them later along with the reasons for them being blacklisted.

Ok, thanks

Note: Map wipe in about an hour from now.

what do i need todo to save my items. I’m on a different computer that does not have the tekkit pack and this computer probably wont run right.

Items are not being transferred due to the fact you could have spawn them.


Map wipe incoming. Along with ranks they are going back to what they should be, so no more spawning.

Fatso will be Admin because of his knowledge so far, he has been extremely helpful.
If there are problems with rank permissions let me know.

I wont be on tekkit untill i get my old computer fixed witch will hopefully be sometime this week

about us not getting our stuff that we wanted to keep what if we actually did obtain it legitimately and we worked extremly hard for it

Did it reset yet?

I believe so

The problem is I would have to go through an immense amount of logs for each player to see if they obtained items without spawning. There is no way I can waste that amount of time even using ctrl+f, nor can I give you the log and PM only what you did, because you could easily erase lines. That is far too much of a hassle, not to mention that it was known that this map was to be temporary. I gave plenty of warnings that the map was going to be wiped.

Yes, map was wiped approximately at 9:20 PM PST

Is it possible to have either you or Fatso to paste in our chests, take out our computer programs (CC Floppy disks) and delete the chests and let us keep our programs?

This would indeed be appreciated^ My code may not be particularly good by most peoples standards, but I don’t know coding - meaning it took a long ass time to do…