Tekkit Server Down For The Weekend.

I know this is going to be a bummer for you guys, but I need to take the computer I run the server off of so I can write a few essays for my schoolwork. I have a really good idea what needs to be in the essay, but I need to have it done over the weekend, while I am travelling. It will go offline sometime today.

Hopefully this is a onetime occurrence because of how hectic my life has became in the past few days.

Nah it’s all good sip life and school comes before video games. And anyways it would be a good thing to get a break from tekkit :stuck_out_tongue: Oh and good luck on your essays!

Nooo :frowning: my life is worthless now just starting to have fun with tekkit… its like when a baby snatches a toy from you when u was playing with it :frowning:

Anyway good luck mate hope all goes well

_ Rippor

p.s … is there no other person that could host the server ? or

all the best with the essays mate.

What is your topic Sip? If you need someone to proof read it, lemme know on Skype. I have always made As on my essays in my College Prep HS, and in Uni.

I would’t trust that guy Sip, can’t even make a thought make sense.

It’s fine basically have everything worked out. Not too worried about proof reading, caught all my mistakes last time I wrote a paper. Got a 9 (on the AP scale) so not too worried.

nice. what was your thesis statement?

Its in my notebook somewhere, can’t remember it off the top of my head. Wrote it a few days ago.

LOL nerd talk xD (jk)

I hate writing…

Thats not nerd talk sword :wink:

to me it is

So when’s the server back up?

whenever cj gets a spare moment and remembers to start it

Should be back up now. If not I’ll get to it tomorrow morning. Too tired.

well that was fast…