Tekkit Crash Thread

As with the survival/creative thread, I believe that any time the server decides to go down, we should post here, instead of spamming CJ with messages.

Also - Server IS down.

Any idea what caused the crash?

Internet issues…

I may have just derped. Bare with me… World may not have saved…


If you are using a computer with a modem connected to it, first break the modem, then break the computer itself.

Failing to do so will cause the server to crash.

^ I did it in reverse order though :confused:

It only crashes if you are running a lua script on the computer, but do this, just in case, it’s safe.

Also - Server down

Offline again

Wait… so my computers are crashing server? D:

Lmfao I thought you were referring to computers in rl, I was just joking ahha

No, the computers crash the server when running a lua script, and destroying the computer while it’s doing so.

No, its only if you break a computer with modem on it, that is running a program, without breaking the modem first, it may crash.

Will the tekkit server be on anytime soon?


Still showing offline for me :confused:



yep :confused:


I derped. Now it’s up.

Server is down :frowning:

I’ll look at it when I get home