Tejada Arena

So gais this is mah first post and i thought I’d let you know about my new project. The Tejada Arena. Below is the design i will be using but modified a bit to my liking. There will be Snowmen Golems at each corner as well as lots of other cool redstone features for different games. (hopefully the pvp plugin will be fixed soon) If you would like to help out I am buying Sand Sandstone and Red wool in the Tejada Shops (located in Tejada) as well as The NamilloLounge shop in the market. Feel free to post recommendations for the arena. Thanks!

Minecraft - Small Roman Arena

Looks like a cool idea!


thanks :smiley:

Looking forward to it, I just have to mention that the texture pack in that video was… amazing!

I loved the tp too!!! Because I have so much sandstone I will sell you some when the server comes back online :slight_smile:


That looks like cool!

Any warp atm?

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