Hey this is Vladen32 again, and this is regarding Team Speak. Some of you might have noticed that we have a team speak server already, the IP is Team speak is a program that lets you chat or speak with others. It also doesn’t require a microphone. I’ve been going on and haven’t seen anybody on (Except Prilman and John). I am suggesting that Trusted+ should be required to be on team speak to help anybody that has questions. Also we should have an hourly post on the server saying “Got questions, go on team speak and get them solved. is the IP. Go on for a link to download teamspeak. ”. This will Bring PCB Closer together and it will benefit all the Guest that have questions. I try to be on as much as I can. Usually I am on when I am playing minecraft.
The link to download Team Speak is:

PS: I know that I am a trusted and I have nothing to do with staff but this is a suggestion.

I volunteer as tribute (I’m in, I like this idea)

Sounds like a fine idea to me :3

The only two people that respond are the people that go on.


I could get on more often, but remember some people don’t like talking on a computer. I know that I feel like a complete tit talking to myself.

Same, we need to grow a bit more before it becomes viable.

I said no mic required and if you don’t want to use a mic, chat(as in type with your keyboard).

I have teamspeak now

Thanks. :slight_smile:


But then you may as well chat in game…

But what if the person you are talking to isnt in-game. Or the other wayt around, where you are not in-game.

This also allows for cross-server communication. Personally I dont really care what you do. Download it or not, I can still talk to Vladen and CJ :3

I agree with John. But I also this this is a good idea so that(at least through chat, but also through talking) people can become more comfortable with each other. And maybe even get used to talking with their voices even though they might seem childish. I know I sound like a 9 year old girl when talking through my mic but I’ve gotten used to it through talking more. Lol. I mean, a lot of us are 12~16. Maybe we could build up our social skills eh? ^-^

Fair enough, I’m fine with that. I think I’m one of the few people that doesn’t hate my own voice :stuck_out_tongue: Although I’m not one of those people who loves it either.

Start a youtube channel. Trust me, you’ll love your voice in no time. I used to hate my recorded voice as well, but after my youtube channel, I’m totally fine with it.

i can start getting on more often. the reason that i don’t right now is cause everytime i would get on it would be GGG telling me im breathing to hard. so i would stop breathing… and he would still say i was breathing to hard XD couldn’t tell if trolling or not

With ggg it was 99% likely that he was trolling. Why don’t you just enable push-to-talk?

From now on I’m just going to leave teamspeak open if I’m not doing anything. I’ll be on at any time really. Also, as you mentioned goof, if you wanted to communicate with people during your livestream easily, and getting them to join in, teamspeak would be win.

I agree.