TeamSpeak? Is it ded?

I cant connect to TeamSpeak, any ideas @_specialk @Johnlh97 @Kyle8910

Informed sip about it, he recons the hosts are having issues with connectivity.

Will be fixed when they fix it? XD

Thanks for asking about this. Just got home and wanted to ask the same thing.

Obligatory tech support response xD

the discord server of pcb is still here working fine =P


Jk, im on disc rn, feel free to join.

Running a ts server on my box temporarily till the main one is back online, I am the man of many temp related servers!

Address is;

cake for you:

Fatso saves us all, Fatso is the true hero.

Yay Fatso! Also, why can’t I see people in a channel until I’m in that channel? Ran into a wild Crass… It ran away.

permissions are screwy…

[edit] I think you need to subscribe to all the channels, should be the speech bubble with an eye in it next to mutemic+mutespeaker

Discord ! =P

Back! Back I say with your evil chat program! Hsssss!

It’s back up, the server provider went down for a bit

Woot! taking down the temp server now, you have served us well old tempy

I’m just getting an error message when I try to connect to the old bookmark. Is it down again, or has the IP changed? Actually, the IP probably changed. I’ll see if I can figure it out.

Forgot to run it in screen, sorry back up now

What is the old IP you guys? i can’t remember it

Main Teamspeak seems to be on the fritz again. Back-up Teamspeak is back online for anyone needing it.