Teamspeak 3 Server!

We have a brand new Teamspeak Server! Feel free to join us anytime, and as you join you will be ranked. Any suggestions for the server are welcome!

The IP is: [size=14pt]

You can download the Teamspeak 3 client here.

Excellent. Thanks for setting this all up :slight_smile:

Just wanted to ask if someone there can rank me so I can actually do something there lol

I’ll rank you as soon as I get on. I try to check the server as often as I can to rank people even if offline.

Not going to do that. Too much that could go wrong with my limited knowledge. Everyone can wait, you don’t get any benefit of rank unless Mod+. It’s just a title.

I may give it to a SOP or two that I know won’t abuse it.

Hellooo :stuck_out_tongue: Not that I’ll ever use it that much. Most of my play-time is now during the day on the family PC because my craptop is too laggy and I has no moniez for a new comp.

Lol, I left teamspeak on for 2 days after I logged in…

i know this is late, but i am on there now.

Yay more people, I will try to leave it running on my computer. Usually don’t have my mic on, but message me. If we ever get larger I think Teamspeak will become very useful.

Sorry for this super duper duper late post but i have teamspeak now

05ocram05 read my post. about teamspeak.