Teamspeak 3 connection issues

OK, I downloaded teamspeak 3 and 1st time joining our server it worked fine. But now I can’t connect to ours or any other public ones. I’ve checked my firewall settings and it doesn’t seem to be blocked.

Version: 3.0.1 [Build: 15001]
Qt Version: 4.7.2

The message it gives is:

<16:39:16> Trying to connect to server on <16:39:22> Failed to connect to server

I’m using Windows 7, Computer is a Compaq Presario CQ62.(It’s a laptop)
I installed the 32 bit version.

Try this:

Since I don’t have this problem I cant help more than google

OK, to try that i need what the server is called and preferably where it’s hosted too

K ill tell you in a bit. I think its in Dublin O.o

Also name PCB or ProjectCityBuild. IDK

I can’t find it under the name ‘projectcitybuild’ ‘project city build’ or ‘pcb’

I also can’t seem to connect to any servers at all…

Ill keep googleing, but I don’t think its teamspeak. Maybe uninstall it and reinstall it to make sure?

reinstalling didnt work

It’s most likely hosted in either the US or Australia

Its in Dublin, you can check where an IP is from. Its something on your side ruby, ill google when I get home on a real computer.

Its in France. The TeamSpeak server is named “Project City Build - PCB”

When searching for the server make sure you select “Contains” instead of “Begins With” and type in PCB

so im on the wrong server :o? i just pasted the survival IP

No, that one still is correct I think. That’s the one I use and works fine.