Tbex22 - 15th of March, 2015


Minecraft Username Tbex22

Date of Ban 15th of March, 2015
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by crssclown

Reason for Ban Cussing too much??

Reason to be Unbanned Cussing isn’t against the rules…? If you don’t like cussing use swear blocker thats what it is there for.

[ Ban History ] No previous ban appeals on record.

[ ! ] Do not post unless you are in someway involved in this matter.
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Player: fuck bitch cunt tits ass dildo motherfucking blah blah blah FUCKING bah blah blah

This is along the lines of what the player did, me and crass warned that further spam would lead to a ban, player argues that spam looks like

Player: fuck
player: fuck
Player: fuck

If you know what spam is, don’t unban this player k thx bye

If you can’t even acknowledge what you did wrong to get banned, even though you clearly knew what you were doing, you don’t need to be unbanned.

Keeping unlocked to prevent potential spam.

I was simply showing him what spamming was. It seemed to me that he did not know what it was. Saying the same word in one sentence is not spam. Saying the same word in chat in different sentences is spamming.
I’m asking for a second chance I did know I was cussing and yes you did warn me but I was simply showing him that what I was doing was not spam.

I was not arguing I was just noting that what I was doing was not indeed spam.

By showing me what spam looks like implies an argument. I’m a senior op, I’ve seen spam in al shapes and sizes. You spammed, dont embarass yourself, the best you could do is apologize and say youd never break the rules again but that would entail me having too much faith in this appeal for you

I will not do it again. I got over myself. Usually I do not cuss at all I was just trying to have a little fun, so excuse my behavior my honer.

Well, at least you admitted to it, but that apology isn’t fooling anyone. Ban remains.

This is sad. When I met tbex he was such a friendly player. Too bad this happened. I understand why he’s not being unbanned, not what I would of expected from him.

Okay so you’ll unban someone who has used hacks??? But you wont unban someone who has only cussed and then they apologized? Obviously you have don’t have your brain straight. Anyways anyone who goes on this server if they even open their mouth the wrong way or even breaks someones crop on accident will get an instant ban. The OPS and SOPS do not know how to do their jobs correctly. Say as you will how I am wrong but I am not. I have full rights to cuss as much as I want. And no saying “Fuck Fuck Fuck” isnt spamming unless its “fuck” “fuck” “fuck” hence the different sentences. Obviously you are too incompetent to know what simple words mean. Congratulations on doing your job wrong. You’re the kind of person that doesn’t deserve to be a staff member.

Oh hey look, my point was made.


Wow. Again, all the idiots appealing. Jeez. Spam of profanity, no matter how you do it, is still spamming. It does not matter if you do it in separated “sentences”, or in one, it is still spam. Anyone who wishes to test us on this, go ahead. Your fate will be the same.

Gg Tbex. Please, no re.

They’re our rules. We do allow swearing, but there is a line you shouldn’t cross. Funnily enough, them being our rules means we get to choose where the line is!

(Protip: insulting staff generally won’t get you unbanned)