i think incorperating some sort of tax sytem in the game would be kinda cool. the money can go to the mayers or ops and would be based on your income and objects you have.

Good idea. I now declare that from this moment on anyone who owns sheep must pay me $2 dollar per sheep per day. As I am the sheep general.

Lol, not quite like that…maybe something like 8-10% of everyone’s assets.

Or you pay a tax if you own a shop in someone’s shop. every sell you make, a percentage goes to the owner of the town. Something like that.

If I’m honest, I think a tax on everyone just because you might have good stuff is an awful idea. If we are talking about shops, renting areas from people then maybe.

I never understood taxes in minecraft, no one does any work that they’d need to be payed for from said taxes. No contracting “Companies” and no government, make it useless

taxes are stupid…

Coincidence how you think of this when you become a mayor? I object taxes.

Eh, I think it is a decent idea in minecraft, but they are vital in the real world. I don’t exactly see how they would fit into our economy based on how it is set up.

heres the thing. we dont NEED taxes. people can earn money by shops with hard work. no one is in bankruptcy. even if someone had 0 dollars you can just vote for the server daily and get 700 dollars after 7 days.

Eh, not how my wallet works, its money it just goes POOF, where did it go and why do I have so many KFC cooked fish?


ill be broke and so will others!

honestly i don’t see how anyone would be able to enforce such a thing when everyone has a different Time Zone.

I honestly dont see how taxes would appeal to anyone lol. if mayors of cities collected taxes then everyone would want to own there own city and no one would want to live in anyones. new players who dont have alot of money woulnt want to live in cities as well. Having taxes is basically making the rich richer and the poor poorer.

There isn’t enough people playing at one time for taxes to even be profitable, and I can see the money from them not going where it’s meant to be spent…

…taxes are so confusing. Im sure people here do understand them but won’t they (as in taxes) just confuse the children? Haha ^-^

Counter argument: people who don’t already know how to deal with taxes will learn how to deal with 'em.

P.S. Please. Please don’t tax us on MC. I go to MC as a happy-fun time from school/homework and life. So it would not be fun to have taxes ^-^
But hey, this is just my opinion lol

i dont see mayors needing extra money. they all have a few thousand more than i do.

No, this idea doesn’t work with most servers. Unless a server is a Realistic server or a PVP server, taxes for a town would be useless and counter-productive.

In a PvP server, taxes establish the fact that you are loyal to a town.

In a server like this one with towns everywhere, taxes detract from the appeal to a town, so unless the town is amazing, don’t tax.