talk to me while you can, not gonna be able to talk for long.

hey im at a different house spending the night, talk to me while you can. I’ll be leaving tommorrow. :wink:

Hiiiiiiii :slight_smile:

Last I heard, your Mom was mad at you. What has been going on? Are you having to sneak messages to us now?

How have you been??

yes im having sneak messages when i can lol. and im doing great kyle :stuck_out_tongue: my mom is mad at me becouse of the music i listen to :l

Listen to classic rock, problem solved. All parents should love 70’s music like Aerosmith, Zeppelin, and ZZ Top.

If they don’t. Excuse my French but fuck’em. Those aren’t parents. They’re empty shells who think they’re human when they’re nothing more than dirt.

Oh konata, she must really want those concert tickets…

Petra. Christian -ish rock music, voila

Haha, Nek seems to have the right idea. Anything that was big back in the day should change their attitude.