Tales of Yonder Minecraft

Thought i would start a thread for funny/interesting/wired/creepy things you have done/found/seen on minecraft! Could be in any creative server, singleplayer creative or beta, or any beta server.

Ill start the ball rolling:

A while ago on the PCB Fallback server, I was working on a spawn for one of the maps, when a guest joined the server. I cant remember his name, so i shall refer to him as Rodney. Rodney did the normal guest routine of questions, asking where he could build etc, and i pointed him towards ProjectCity.

A few minutes later he reports a griefer to me. So, i head to project city, and zoom around for a while looking for signs of griefing, when i cant find any i ask Rodney where it is. Rodney was obviously new to creative servers,as he didn’t know what SOP commands were xD standing in a massive crater after i tp’d to him, i use /b:

destroyed by: Rodney
using Sponge

i tell him about /b, and he starts defending himself very badly, constantly contradicting himself, then threatening to get my account canceled, the server shut down, the maps wiped, and many other things which didn’t even make sense. long story short, i kicked, banned, and undid him.

Bit of a crappy story, but i just found his stupidity funny xD
also the fact that he repeatedly shouted NUUUUBZZ was quite ironic :L

RODNEY YOU PLONKER! (yes, the name was for the sake of that pun, for those of you who don’t get it don’t worry about it, its a catchphrase off an old British TV programme called only fools and horses xD)

Moral of the story: don’t try and frame non existent people.

also. if a creeper stops and stares at you from the base of a cliff… don’t attack it with a fishing rod.
you WILL reel it in, and are likely to be killed xD