Taking some time off

I’m taking some time off the server for a while. Ill still be active on steam, so if im needed, call me, but other than that, i may not be back on PCB for a couple weeks. Life is taking one hell of a turn, and im about to take on another job at night as a nursing home security guard… i need the money to help get my life back in control. I’m hoping that sometime in at least September to be able to save up enough money to move out of my parents house, and back into my own apartment with my gf about 300 miles away atm

I’ve also been stressed out with pcb atm, as i’ve been doing quite a bit of work on the back end, and also the events Mob Gauntlet and L4D.

So with that being said, ill be gone for about a month, unless summoned on steam.

Bye shady, cya in a month. :slight_smile:

Bye shaaad! And now a cryptic message to think about: On return, the citrus swap may have happened. If anybody can work that out i’ll be impressed. ;D

A whole month? Aww…

Hope things turn out for the best with your life; I’ll see you when you return!

We will miss you! Hopefully everything works out for you! Wish you the best!!
<3 koalamama

Shad just get yourself in a good place and come back soon, love u man

Good luck Shadow. I hope you can get everything straightened out for yourself. Again good luck my friend.

I second all replies so far. The new job could be good or bad, it all depends on how you see it. You may have time for reading and the like. I did guard work and I always had a book.

We is gonna miss you, Shady. :3
Stay safe, and keep cool <3

Not-so-slim Shady, you will be missed.

Good luck Shad.
Hope everything works out for ya.

I just spat out my tea.

Good luck Shad with the new job! We shall eagerly be awaiting your return.

Tumblr has rivals here now

Anyways have fun and stuff.