Taking Railway / Station Requests

Hi, finally posting one more time.
Given I’m not able to work, I spend most of my day making art and playing on the server. Lately, I haven’t been on so much due to the never-ending hospital appointments.

I’m hereby taking requests for railyards / stations / small railway sections.
These could be viaducts, rail yards, anything track related. This is partly due to the large amount of ugly railway sections but mostly because I enjoy doing these things.

Thus, I will take railway requests directly on these forums, as well as a separate form for STATIONS ONLY which is at the bottom of this post.
If you want a viaduct / rail yard / railshed / other section of railway reviewed and perfected, please reply to this post! :smiley:
I will do train requests too. Just mention if you want one.

All I ask is for a reply formatted like this:
City Name: _____ Warp (Y/N): _
Coordinates to be built on: X:___ Z:___
What you’d like e.g. Rail yard with Engine Shed
Style you’d like e.g. American, British, Soviet
Please make it clear which direction you want the build facing. Leave a 5 block chevron or something, and please outline the general area I am allowed to build in.
If the area is unsuitable, I will mail you or reply to your request post below, and we can reach another conclusion.
Thanks for your time, I hope some of you will take me up on this offer.

Station form HERE VV

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City Name: Pandora
Warp: No
Coords: X: -9666.702 Z: 19207.056
I would like a Soviet style train graveyard if possible. Please put it in the area on the side of the city that I put the coords to. If there is a building in the graveyard, please make it face the road. Thanks!
Edit: if you cannot make it for any reason that is fine. just thought it would be a nice touch

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