Taking a break.

Hey guys! I feel that I should take a break from PCB and Minecraft. I have been having a lot of stress for the last couple weeks and stuff. I need to work and focus on school more to improve my grades in french and math. I just would like to take a break and come back nice and new! I will be coming on for the building contest and just to check on Clarita. I am going to let Whbilbo be in charge of Clarita when I am gone. I will still be active on the forums. I hope this break helps things so I can come back! I will miss you guys so much! I don’t know how long the break will last. I just would like to tell ya’ll why I am going to take a break.

Thanks for reading and see you guys soon!
~Claudia :slight_smile: :’(

This is very sad to hear, but i can see why we all will be taking a break every so often. :frowning: we will miss you and i swear, i will do everything in my power to make sure that clarita/detara stays in its pride and joy, as always :slight_smile: well, it is nice to know that you will still be on. we hope to see you again, -whbilbo

When you’re back to being active again hopefully things won’t be as stressful as it’s been. See you again soon-ish

See you soon, claud. We’ll take care of Clarita Province, don’t worry.

Take the break and come back soon!

Take your time. And, come back soon.

Bye claudia <3 See you later gator :’(

Good luck on your education! There are a bunch of Frenchies and math geeks around here (probably) if you need any help! I’m pretty advanced in French, so I could help you from a learner’s standpoint instead of a fluent speaker’s.

Bonne chance á l’école! :slight_smile:

good luck lovely! it’s great that you are aware of you’re priorities and are putting school first. I hope everything works out for you! in the mean time, we will all be waiting for your return.

if you ever need anything, you know where to find me. :slight_smile:
just message me on Skype.

good luck girly!

Come back whenever you feel like it, k?

And I mean thank god we got the PCBT link to Clarita finished before now :3

I’ll miss you Claud xx I hope you come back soon xxx

God should have a capital “G” :stuck_out_tongue:

Well done Claudia, You have just achieved the impossible: Admitting to yourself that you’re spending too much time on MC

same here, i still have time on weekends and if i stay up late i can have at the most 3 hours of MC (in gerneral) and it was it was just kinda hard to admit it :-[. my reputation on PCB hasn’t been so good lately, and yes, all the things i said in the other post are true. its just gets boring doing the same thing every day, and i just want to experience more of MC and the real world than just PCB. i hope to see you all soon,-HitsHard.
[glow=green,2,300]cya later[/glow]

Nope! It’s the same with dad and mum - capital letter if it’s referring to a specific one, not if otherwise.