Take Flight- Lindsey Stirling Violin Cover

Hi! This is a cover I recorded of me playing Take Flight by Lindsey Stirling, I have the backtrack so I played it in the background. Also, don’t mind my mistakes here and there, I am by no means a professional/expert violinist, lol. I am pretty proud of this though :slight_smile:

10/10 - IGN


If your youtube link is this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=icUSfIizK8k

Then delete the first part up to and including the ‘=’:

leaving only the part after the ‘=’:

then put it inside the tag with braces rather than square brackets. ‘[’ and ‘]’.

and it ends up like this:


Thank you! @Mannriah I was frustrated that I couldn’t get that to work.

Wow. 100%. You are talented, Anima.

You should learn how to play The Devil went down to Georgia

… I cant…
Holy shit!
I hate you! You’re WAY too good!
What type of violin do you have? It sounds electric.

Thank you Estevao and also thank you so much Lauren! I don’t own an electric violin but I really want one! I think electric violins are awesome. It means a lot to me for you guys to be so nice.