Switching FTB pack?

Ruby and I had the idea of switching over to Infinity. It’s much more stable, and is an official FTB pack so it’s updated more often.

And for those of you wanting HQM, we’re working on that too. Even if we don’t switch, I’ll still use it.

Plus Infinity has all the core of Wanderlust, and also Draconic Evolution, which is a fuckin badass mod.
Full mod list here

I had mentioned that to Kyle, as Wanderlust keeps on breaking things… That and when they update they don’t update mods that actually need to be updated… I don’t mind swapping over, but others might, especially Kyle seeing how he put all that effort with configs and getting the server to work.

@Ouhai_Ruby Yeah Dragonic Evolution is one crazy awesome mod.

That’s actually one of the reasons we should switch, Kyle spent ages doing the configs (thanks kyle!) because WLR’s configs are massivley screwed up, whereas Infinity will properly update every time.

I also have a request: IguanaTweaks. No I’m not insane! WLR didn’t configure it properly, and made it more of a hindrance than something good. On ForgeCraft, they’ve got it properly configured and provides some real advantages. They use the configs from ME^4, which add progression and better rewards for levelling up.

And also with IguanaTweaks you can replace components on fully repaired tools, so you only ever need to make one tool which you can improve over and over again.

If we add iguana tweaks we’re gunna have to rewrite some of the quests… I personally don’t like it. I enjoy being able to have diamond level tools I can repair with cobblestone. It means I can mine forever!

In that case then, you will like the ME^4 configs. If you want to sacrifice other modifiers, with cobalt tools you can get an Unbreaking X (aka indestructible) pick.

Or you could just add a flux capacitor and use RF instead of durability

I’m currently working on a custom config based on ME4’s configs, which does things like allowing stone tools (and also disabling receiving autosmelt or silk touch on a level up).

I have no great attachment to the current FTB. It’s up to the current players if they want to try a new pack. Crass, Sacred, Fatso, and I have been playing ME^4 when we get the chance. Fun, but won’t work for many people.

Also, this discussion including all my fixes for problems should have gone in another thread. This needs to just be about installing and issues with installing. Too lazy to clean it up right now.

i’d like a stable pack. cuz im geting pretty tired of things going wrong or not working properly and then losing a lote of stuff and research etc

If you find a stable pack then I will get back into FTB :smiley:

I have split this into a different topic. IguanaTweaks configs are done, will add them to this post in a bit.