Swiggothunub - 6th of January, 2018


Minecraft Username Swiggothunub

Date of Ban 6th of January, 2018
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by AuhsojNala

Reason for Ban Minor griefing with armorstands and placing locked chest in phoenix

Reason to be Unbanned The grief was meant to be a joke. I did use an armor stand to make some jokes but I was going to remove it. That was an asshole move
but the locked sign in Phoenix was from
a few weeks ago and it was going to be a collaboration with phoenix and me and jake had agreed on it. Im sorry for being an asshole and it will not happen again.

[ Ban History ] 1 other ban appeals found
6th of January, 2018

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Im sorry if i offended anyone, especially jake I did not place the signs and the chest as a malicious action. We were planning to work together before I started my own city. I love this server, I was an asshat, I dont expect forgiveness, and please read this and make a good descision. Thank you

Oh, and by the way I placed Chairman of the FCC on the Phoenix ban list, jake was on and we had a good laugh, so unmalicious.

I also plan on better behavior in the future and i will not fuck up again.

Swiggo, honestly you seem like a decent person when ive interacted with you in the past, so i would fully understand if it was meant with joking intent. Refrain from repeating in future, but i see no reason why you shouldnt be unbanned, in my opinion.


Right but you have left minor griefs all over the map and gotten warned 3 times because of them. And it wasn’t the FCC thing, you left a crafting table and chest that were both locked. You can probably have another chance, but like everyone says…



Jake, the chest and crafting bench were from when I was making my banners. They were again not put there for malicious intent. Yes I have made some minor armor stand griefs but I was planning on fixing them. The chest and crafting bench I was planning on removing but forgot and never got to it. I have made some mistakes and they won’t happen again. If you had a staff look at the chest it would have said I would have placed it earlier. Before I started kindle being edgy and an asshole. I have been stressed from school. I am sorry if I have made questionable desicions but I sincerely apologize for all my misgivings. I am a bit of a troll and many of these warning are because of this. in the future I will consult staff members before making armor stands and other items. I will stop being insensible and immature. I was an idiot and them past but I am looking to the future. btw ty to everyone and I apologize for my immature behavior it will stop and I will mature. I promise you that many of these will never happen again. Farewell see you when someone posts next.

Banned by @AuhsojNala

Update as of 1/7/18 all chests and locked items have been removed from @phoenix apologize for the annoyance.
Looking forward to future interactions. Peace

Bump @AuhsojNala please reply :slight_smile: it’s been more than 48 hours since posting the appeal.
Does anyone have a final answer?

Can a SOP take over? The greif was minor, and I believe josh’s intentions (as said over discord) would be to unban Swiggo

From what I read over Discord, he just wanted to take a look at the appeal. I’ll pinged him with the link, but I think it’s unfit to take over the appeal if Josh is still around. If there still isn’t a response from Josh 24 hours from now, then I’ll take this over.

Apologies for the late response; the site isn’t currently working, just saw the direct link from Ferf. Giving another chance, don’t do it again. Unbanned.