sweetgwrl2 - 29th of June, 2013


Minecraft Username sweetgwrl2

Date of Ban 29th of June, 2013
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by josh0monkey

Reason for Ban idk why im still banned nobody helped me whatsoever

Reason to be Unbanned i thought the crops were free

[ Ban History ] 4 records found




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Hey! Long time no see guys. well i was inactive for a VERY long time.

Anyways. Sweetgwrl2. u gotta use common sense. Im pretty sure that you knew u shouldve asked the owner first before stealing his crops. Also, if u took the crops, why didnt u replant them?

im sure you could be unbanned though. Stealing crops isnt as bad as lava griefing. As long as you replant the crops, im sure somebody would unban u.

You were denied just 3 days ago. What makes you think we’ve changed our minds since then? You clearly still don’t care enough to make an account. Maybe give it another month or so and make an appeal with an actual account, and we’ll consider changing our minds.