Minecraft Username: Swarm444

Date of Ban: 05/29/2019

Banned by: Possibly Ruby?

Reason for Ban: Deleting a wall that was easily in our territory

Reason to be Unbanned: About a month ago CharroBarro, Blazingfry, and I noticed a cobblestone wall about 20 blocks away from one of the sides of our territory, about 7 blocks high. We asked all our friends about this and since no one claimed it, we though someone was building on our territory. Since it was extremely close to our buildings which were there before the wall, we believed we had the right to delete said wall. We erased a decent portion of it, nothing to extreme. We believed it was the same person who built the wall, so I left a beacon and a message about it, explaining why we did it and to contact me for problems. I will note I was never contacted and this was there for a good month before I was Banned. My friends and I believe this is unjust because it is easily within the 200 block limit for our city and it is at the very edge of his. Thank you for your understanding.

Previous appeals: Yes for building an inappropriate building. 1 week ban.

Same as the other one