SVS "Mapping" Thread

Hey everyone, with the launch of the new survival, that will not have Dynmap coverage. Some other staff and I thought that it would be a good idea to create this thread where people can post coordinates for any structure, town, village, etc. that they wish other players to know about!


IF you wanna visit me just follow the torches from the mast of spawn <3 Although there isn’t a lot there right now so don’t come cryin’ to me when my tree-house disappoints you and your parents.

-40, 65, 4160 is where one can find the entrance to the village of Montreux. Currently, I’m constructing the first building, and soon the community will have a town hall and a market.

Would it not be cool if we could create a big room with a map on the floor that shows the entire server, we could use banners to mark certain structures or peoples bases. With the current map size of 12K x 12K would make it an 11 x 11 block map. it will require 121 maps but if players help thats easy to get (i think). just an idea, i want to hear your opinions about this.

I have a base that i’m hoping to develop into a small player village at -278 64 -132. I am also creating a local rail system between that area and a friend’s base to the north. It’s pretty close to Bruhville.

I can probably help with the maps, but the leather for the item frames is a bit past easy production for me.

-1566, -2377 is for Nova Roma