SUV online admin shop

Hey , was thinking maybe u could add a website shop where u can buy items and they get sent or dropped into a deposit box at a bank/post office… just a sweet idea i thought … hope it gets added tbh would like to see it, and could work for all servers.

What ya think to it guys :confused:

That is ALOT of work. lol But it would be cool.

Depends if he wants to use real money, or if he wants to use ingame money to buy stuff…

I am pretty sure he means having the equivalent of the Admin shop as a menu on the forums. Then, you could buy items with your in-game currency to have the server use the give command on you. I think having it give it to you while you are on is much easier than making it go in a bank or something.

This would mean making a new page of the website for Andy. It may also largely replace the in-game admin shops.

If we could get this to work, I suggest the website prices be 20-50% higher than the shop in the game. The reason for this is the convenience and how it might be abused to survive when deep underground. Maybe not. Would love to buy torches or food without having to warp from where I am.

Would this incite the use of a new “premium” currency?

That’s actually a really cool idea

There might be a plugin that does this. AuctionHouse I believe.

Here is AuctionHouse

Well i had 2 ideas from this

1st: A building in which u could warp from/to which has a chest marked with ur name/locked to you so items go into the chest.(10%)
2nd: i saw a nice little idea of which im going to use myself in mine and prilly (4Finkers) town is that each person has a post master of there chosen town (or each op is elected a town) and people have post boxes outside there house for which we could deliver. (25%)

3rd: as was suggested its goes straight to you. (but Higher price :40%)

I suggest that items using idea one is the cheapest idea, second idea a little bit more expensive to cover the PnP and 3rd idea even more as it given to you at ur current location.If u just added a 20% 50% to the price , would it then loose interest and people wont use the system as much due to having less ways of making money.
Yer you probably going to suggest having shops set up but if people have less ways of making money then shops and this possible new system are going to loose out due to money not being there as much as it could be, I think work on the quests could be one possible way and having the mob kill 4 money added but have a kill count limit an lower the prices as you see fit.

Personally thats what i would love to see but i doubt it will happen like i have suggested but i know in the town once completed that me n Prilly/4Finkers are building that i will implement the item post man system for each address :slight_smile:

Glad my idea was liked and sparked attention to you :slight_smile:

[size=1em]AuctionHouseLooks like a good plugin and kinda along the lines of which i was suggesting will look into it more tomorrow


                       Rip (p.s) sorry for making more work for you Andy just thought be a nice idea :)

If this can be coded, then this is a probable idea. Well Andy, think you can do it and are you willing to accept this suggestion?

I don’t really see the point in having a web admin shop that uses in game money. It is just a duplication of existing functionality that is in the market already.

I have been playing round with a plugin called Buycraft over the last year. It uses real money or coupons. And I personally don’t like the idea of being able to spend real money to obtain expensive/rare items or become more powerful (our donator rank gives some useful perks but does not make them over powered).

Auctionhouse is outdated and has been abandoned but looks like a promising plugin.

I was thinking this would have been a lot easier than the market shops because you could find everything in HTML formate. AKA, it would be easier to find what your looking to buy from our site than the actual shops. Higher charge discussion is already listed above.

Perhaps this could be used in conjunction with the bank system you just put in spec? It may be nice to see a profile of your account while shopping. It would be like paypal as the money comes out of your bank rather than your pocket.


Ive personally supportedthis idea, i just didnt know of a way to implement it.

Judging from Spec’s reaction and how no ones posted in this after a long time, I’ll be denying it unless Andy or Spec want to revive the idea and go through with it.