Sushi Restaurant

Hey I want to build a ‘sushi restaurant’ in BigCity that sells raw meat and fish. It will be spinning around endlessly in a loop in a minecart w/ chest. Can I have permission to build this in BigCity please?

If you just want one restaurant then it may be easier to furnish the ground floor of an existing building.

But yeah, build whatever you want there, as long as it fits the theme.

I am going to make it almost a Japanese style building, still modern though. I may do more than one shop.

I tried placing blocks but it said that I wasn’t permitted to :’(
Can you permit me?

Im sure that you will be able to build there soon. The owners and 2+ staff members are actually live in the UK/Europe area.

(my bad if UK and Europe are the same. Im an American (Sadly? Regretfully? Thanks Obama -.-) so i dont know this thing…)

UK - United Kingdom, consists of Great Britain, Wales, Ireland.
Europe - Consists of Everything from Eastern Russia to Portugal, along with the UK.
Also - Andy and Spec are from Australia.

Like i said, Im an American…


So am I :wink:

doesn’t mean you don’t have to know anything about other country’s…
and they are continents…even bigger…

Ya bring shame on us US players Sword :frowning: Study some geography! Play Risk! Play Pandemic 1 and 2!

Play civilization 5!

And the time difference between the UK and Croatia is 1 hour.