Survival Warp Rules

Survival Warp Rules

1. Towns must have at least 5 residents before asking for a warp, the owner of the town counts as a resident. A resident is a player that has a house in your town.

2. A warp will not be given to a town if it is within 400 blocks of another town. (200 block radius around each town).

3. Towns must contain a minimum of 5 decoration buildings. Examples of acceptable decoration buildings are listed below.

4. For every extra resident living in a single building (above 5th resident), an additional decoration building or park is to be constructed.

5. An area must be constructed at the warp location for town rules, residents, notices etc.

6. Some effort has to be put into the town before it is given a warp. ‘Simple’ structures will be ignored when judging towns, as will any residents of these structures. A simple structure is defined as using 3 or fewer materials, with very little depth or shape. Structures will also be considered simple if there is a visual lack of effort.

7. 3 staff members must agree to the warp. Staff members should place a sign with their name and the date of assessment at the warp location if they believe the location is worthy of a warp. These signs are not to be removed unless you revoke your approval. 1 of these 3 approvals must be a SOP or Admin.

8. The first 3 Staff you ask for your warp to approved are the ONLY staff who may approve your warp. Any other staff will be unable to approve your warp. If a staff member denies a warp, they will give you areas to improve upon. You must act on this feedback before asking that member of staff to re-assess your town.

9. Warps already awarded may be removed by any Admin if they do not feel the warp is of the correct standard, or if the warp no longer meets the requirements (for example, if the resident number drops below 5 or if the town becomes inactive).

10. Towns will be auctioned off if the mayor of the town is banned and no co-mayor or other replacement is specified at the warp location. If nobody wishes to buy the town, the warp will be removed.

Examples of decoration buildings

  • Place of worship (e.g. Church, temple etc.)
  • Blacksmith
  • Town hall
  • Theatre
  • Hospital
  • Train station
  • Enchanting House
  • Indoor Farm

Examples which are NOT decoration buildings

  • Any building with a floor space of less than 20 blocks (5x4) inside
  • A mine unless there is a building above ground with the floor area stated above
  • Parks
  • Houses, Apartment buildings or any other building which is generally used to house people.

The above lists are only examples, others may be included but not listed.


These rules may be edited at any time without notice. Check back here regularly to ensure your town meets current standards before asking for a warp.