Survival Spawn.

Today I made a propor spawn for the survival sever. It details the rules, banned items, the admins, and side notes. (an example of a side note would be that the map is getting wiped in 1.9)
Here are the cords -204 68 523
Screenshot here -
Can we switch to this spawn because the one we have currently is nothing :smiley:

Yay keats! good job!

I changed the spawn location. I like it.

Sweet! Thanks kyle, also if you want to move it into a town or by the zombie arena go ahead!

I liked the sign that said “you are in the middle of nowhere”. I added a sign for the rule about not building anywhere near the spawn. There are probably a few things we forgot to add too.

Anyone want it moved elsewhere?

Well yes and no :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes because then we would have a decent spawn that is near civilization.

No because its gonna be wiped and not many people play survival atm.

nice mac keaton

Well thats the very reason people dont play survival is because its getting wiped, So if anyone wants it moved to ANY town I say go for it!