Survival Multiplayer PVP

Alright, I was happy to see Andy set up this server and I’ve been playing on it since it came out.

Now I didn’t have a problem with PVP, mainly because everyone at the time was nice and didn’t kill for no reason. However, now I’m quite frankly sick of it due to a certain someone. I strongly believe some changes should be made to PVP so that it’s more enjoyable to others.

Imagine this for a moment. You’re down in a cavern, you’ve explored every turn, killed tons of mobs, you’ve mined ores such as Diamond and Gold, you even found a dungeon and got a rare Record and a Saddle! You’re on your way back to your home ready to deposit it in your chest. You reach the top and can see daylight, but then someone stands in front of the entrance. Right when you leave the cavern he kills you and takes all of the items you worked so hard to obtain. You’ve lost the Diamond sword and Diamond armor you created with the little Diamond you’ve found while exploring. You lost all that mined minerals. You explored the cave as thorough as possible and theres no obvious signs of minerals left, you mined it dry. All your hard work is gone because someone wanted your items.

That’s not fun to me. I can’t see how anyone thinks that is fun. Perhaps it’s fun if you’re the one doing the killing, but isn’t that the same as griefing?
What exactly IS griefing?
Break the word down and you have the word ‘grief’.
What is the definition of grief?
Keen mental suffering or distress over affliction or loss; sharp sorrow; painful regret.
Don’t you feel sorrow or distress over something lost? Like a house you worked on or items that were forcibly taken from you?

Destroying someone’s house and killing a player who doesn’t have a desire to fight you. They’re the same thing. Griefing.

I propose a couple of alternatives to PVP.

My first idea is to remove PVP when outside of the spawn and keep PVP in the Arena only. If players want to PVP each other, add a /duel command.
For example,

/duel [InsertPlayerName]
“[YourName] challenges you to a duel, accept?”
/accept or /decline
[InsertPlayerName] has declined your duel.
[InsertPlayerName] has accepted your duel.

This would eliminate griefing and people who want to PVP can do so anytime they want.

My other idea is to keep things the way they are, but prevent people from dropping their items when they die. That way the only thing you lose is time and distance. Now I admit, I don’t particularly like this idea because dying is a lesson well learned. It’s a hardship many people have to endure. But if I had a choice between PVP or this, I would choose not dropping items. Then again, I’m not aware if this is possible.

I’m not trying to make myself out to be some important person by saying this, because I’m being honest. If things aren’t changed, I won’t play Survival Multiplayer anymore. Why play something you don’t enjoy? I want to explore a cave with someone, I want to find treasure with a friend and kill mobs in our way. I want to play cooperatively with people and assist them when they need help. I want to build a secure structure with them. I want to have fun.

If anyone is having trouble voting. I believe I was able to by clicking at the lowest point possible on the poll. It looked like a line to me. Let me know it it works.

Well, I totally understand you Nek. I do want PVP, but I think the OPs should limit/ prevent hunting of unwilling players. I like the fact that you can accidentally kill an ally while digging. Teamwork matters when fighting the horde.

Senseless killing should not be out goal. Perhaps we can hurt each other in the wilds, but not kill? You know, bring another down to half a heart only. That way, teamwork still matters, but PVP is off to those unwilling.

Also, what happens if you are deep in a cave when you get PVPed? You Go back to spawn. I could not have found my way back to my death site without 20 min of searching.

PS. I voted for the command usage. Not sure how to implement it.

The poll form is bugged. You can click one of the options then hit the Enter key on your keyboard to vote.

About to head off, but I’d like to post my thoughts quickly. I want some form of PvP in the server. As far as dueling goes, I don’t think that’s possible. On the other hand I did come across this one It allows you to control whether you’d like to have PvP on for you personally. I’m not fond of the idea since people could easily abuse that function.

Alternatively, I found a much better plugin. This one takes all your items and puts it into a chest when you die, allowing it to be transferred back to your inventory by right clicking it (it also locks the chest from access by anyone but you). I’d prefer to see this then any of the other alternatives.

That is my personal opinion on the matter.

Edit: oh and one more. Allows you to TP back to where you died.

I actually really like that idea. I have a few concerns about it though.

  1. When you right click on it, does the chest disappear after you get your items back?
  2. If you’re on your way to the chest after you died and you end up looting an item and then die AGAIN, does the first chest disappear or will it remain until you click on it?
  3. Does the chest drop if you die in lava or does it burn up?
  4. Is there a time limit for retrieving your items?
  5. If you die while swimming, does the chest drop to the ocean floor?

That’s pretty much it for my concerns regarding the plugin.

I do have another concern regarding PVP griefing. PVP griefing Can happen. I can imagine someone being killed and dropping their chest, and every time they attempt to retrieve their items they get killed again by the same person. There should be some rules implemented regarding PVP at least, otherwise it could turn into a shitfest if/when more people join the server.

I wasn’t aware polls were bugged. Bah.

Those are some excellent questions about that plug-in Nek. I approve of Andy’s alternative in either form. The second one is great as long as that chest stays intact. For example, can the person who murdered you, redirect some nearby lava into your chest? Or set it on fire? Some OPs, ahem, were spamming lava falls in that tunnel we were exploring in. I don’t believe they can do that now that /give is gone, but my concern remains. They can bucket some lava etc…

Is it possible to set that chest with your stuff in the spawn area? Like on the boat so it is impossible to die a second time in a row? If so, you would not even need that warp plug-in to get to it.

I know we need penalties for death, but that should not be so for griefing. I hope you can set it so that the chest only saves your stuff if you are killed by a player. If it does it every time you die, then you lose nothing but time.

Oh, oh! I just imagined the arena filled with dozens of different player’s death chests. They are like grave stones for the fallen! And one champion stands on top of them all!

You Mean a Death chest? They have it im zombes mod. but i dont use it. And the idea for a duel command would be awesome. and andy. these commands need to be set

Kits would be Nice
/day-night ops—
MOVE CRAFT----So pro. we do that on freindly
Death chests would be nice.
HMOD- Nuff said.
and im going to make 2 polls 1.Being about smp or Fbmp- 2nd. Hmod or bukkit

Andy won’t be using HMOD because HMOD won’t get anymore updates. Bukkit is the successor that will still get updates and thus why we will remain with it.

Already have day/night changing. It’s /time <day|night>.

Kits are already in there, I just have disallowed them for obvious reasons. Movecraft, still considering.

This idea has been postponed until further notice.

(i.e., nobody’s been enough of a jackass to kill others without notice)