Survival Map Download for Previous Version

Would it be possible to get a link for the last survival map? I can’t find one anywhere.


All future downloads will be here too


Is it possible that the file might be corrupt? I’m unable to unzip the download file; I keep getting Error 2: no such file or directory. When I use “the Unarchiver” I can unzip the content but the content is corrupted.

Thanks in advance!

(Double post fixed by jm, in the future edit your past post rather than posting two in a row)

get a life @lcmbkill :wink:

Seems to be the file. I can open it with WinRAR but I get an error (Unexpected end of archive) and (Checksum error in: C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\Survival\region\r.-7.2.mca. The file is corrupt)

I’ll work on getting another file uploaded and let you know when its done.

Hey Mannriah,

Any update?