Survival DynMap Update!?

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I brought it up to _Andy and he felt it’d be doable, so now I’m coming to this community to see if you guys want this implemented or not;

Instead of Dynmap being completely useless to us Survival player, rendering it completely black BUT being able to see where others are in relation to you.
So, to keep it fair, you won’t see the landscape, it will be all black, but you’ll be able to see how far Spawn is in comparison to your town, or if someone is trying to get to you, you’ll be able to tell them, “No, go that way instead!”

It’s a small “nerf” to keep things a little easier for people who are otherwise terrible at coordinates, but I don’t think it’ll hurt our extremely Vanilla Survival map.

No, I strongly disagree with this. “Super Vanilla Survival” should be as vanilla as possible. Adding a dynmap, even if blacked out, completely and totally removes a player’s ability to ‘hide’ or ‘stay off the grid’ or make ‘secret’ bases or anything like that. If one player wishes another to join them, coordinates should be sufficient; especially on a map that is only 12k by 12k. To reiterate, a hard no from me.

It really does subtract from the Vanilla survival idea but I can see why this might be helpful but we can do this from Maps - I believe someone already started.
This might be worth looking at and sharing around

Voting no. You mentioned being able to tell players “No, go that way instead!”
But what if they use this to find people to grief/raid from? I’ll pass

Fair points for the no’s, I hadn’t thought about the fact that people may use the Dynmap to grief a specific area, or for “secret bases” to not be found.

However, griefing is reversible, it gives us Staff something else to do other than W/E. :wink: And we enjoy banning griefers, it’s kinda awesome.
And secret bases aren’t necessarily shown as the map would still be completely black and people wouldn’t know necessarily at which depth you’re building, and most of the time no one will actively go looking for someone in survival just for the hell of it, unless those people are building together. (At least based on me, maybe others do IDK)

I figured it’d be helpful in linking towns together that are far away from each other, or when you’re trying to welcome new members to your town and they’re unfamiliar with playing. It gets redundant seeing new members joining and losing interest in Survival right away because they can’t get to anyone since it’s too hard, or you lose them while in the wild.

It took my best friend who’s new to Minecraft 3 hours in real time to get to my town, she almost stopped playing altogether because all she did her first 3 hours was die and not understand what was the point of Minecraft in general.

Just figured I’d put that perspective on the table, but you guys still made fair points. :slight_smile:

Those are all fair points, but having a system that players could use to locate each other honestly puts a huge damper on SVS, as it retracts some of the “Super Vanilla” aspect. On such a small map, all cities can be reached in a matter of minutes via the nether. For example, if I want to bring someone to my city of Nova Roma I go to sspawn with them, take a boat through a river/canal/ocean up to Port Perry where I have a nether hub that connects to Vex’s town Vulca, Vulca has an overworld connection to Nova Roma and Tarristown by iceboat rail. Alternatively, all these cities (which I have some semblance of jurisdiction over) are directly connected to the origin (0,0) of the nether. Travel around such a small map is perfectly feasible, and although I understand the benefits of adding a dynmap, I believe that the biggest attraction to our survival server is the density of cities and players in such a small area and the necessity of player-made transportation networks to connect them. If anyone doesn’t quite know how to go about setting these connections up I’d be happy to help them learn.

Fair point.
I’d actually love to hear a bit more on how to access all these connections, maybe myself and my friends are just too shitty at Minecraft to understand how it plays, but yeah, it sure would help us and perhaps some of the new members to figure it out. I’ve lost a good couple new players to Creative mode because Survival was too hard for them. I just don’t want to be the only one in Survival again, that shit really sucks.

More or less, as long as you know the overworld coordinates of your destination you can get there by taking those coordinates, dividing each side by 8 (x coord/8, y, z coord/8), traveling to the new coordinates in the nether, and building a portal in that spot. Super handy, and these connections can be streamlined by building tunnels, iceboat rail, piston bolts/diagonal piston bolts, rails, etc. Minecraft has so many different means of travel

Definitely against having a dynamap for survival this early on. At the very least we need to wait a significantly longer time before considering adding a map, because so much of what makes this super vanilla mode viable is not being able to see the entire map before you’ve played it/found it. If you put a map up and display everything it loses what i’d consider a fair amount of vanilla-ness tbh. in short no, and maybe later

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Griefing is reversible, but the headache given to the griefed player is not. We should be doing anything we can do to prevent people from losing their builds to begin with – it’s bad for business