Survial/Creative Inventory

Hey everyone, so I went into survival for the first time in months because I just wanted to help a new player get some basic stuff, but when I tp’ed to them my inventory didn’t transfer over? I had the exact same blocks in my hotbar from creative and my survival inventory was wiped. I tried going back to creative and seeing if it would happen again so I put a stack of dirt in my hotbar and tp’ed to the survival player and low and behold it happened again. So yeah, for me when I go from creative to survival my inventory doesn’t update. I can’t remember what I had in my survival inventory but I guess whatever it was is gone now XD

That happened to me so I lost all my past loot

This is a bug that we are aware of. At this stage we don’t have a fix, sorry.

Good luck fixing it! I personally couldn’t care less about whatever I had, just didn’t want people to get sneaky ahah

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No worries, thanks for letting us know :slight_smile: