Surplus And Sundries (EXPANSIONS)

Surplus and Sundries, is well, Surplus and Sundries(sundries means stuff).We Now do “business” alongside our Shop. Our Business is supplying towns with Free items if they agree to a monthly contract of a fee per month.You pay us for a month, you get supply. Our shop is mainly mining goods and leftover “things” from my Inventory.

So from my understanding, players pay for your leftovers and don’t choose what they get? I’m very confused. Is it one price for anyone who’s willing to pay or does it vary? Do the items you get vary by the price you pay?

They chose, there is packages that limit how much you get depending on payment

By choose, do you mean they tell you what they want and then you go out and get it? Or are they only allowed to choose from the “surplus” you have.