SuperHydrow - 23rd of March, 2016


Minecraft Username SuperHydrow

Date of Ban 23rd of March, 2016
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by 05ocram05

Reason for Ban "Ddos is not funny"

Reason to be Unbanned I completely understand the DDOS’ing thing. But it was a joke and i don’t even know how to DDOS it was 100% a joke

As a wise man once said “It was a prank bro” or something… i don’t know.

But i was not going to DDOS anyone or anything. It was 100% a joke. I promise

[ Ban History ] No previous ban appeals on record.

[ ! ] Do not post unless you are in someway involved in this matter.
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You said that after I booted you, because you said “American faggot”
Came back with the least appropriate thing you could say, so kicking apparently didnt have any effect

Anything you have to say to that?

Do you actually think i am being serious with all these rude names? Of course not… i am a teenager and i am edgy as heck in this period. Also, the american faggot was BEFORE i was booted. That’s what i have to say to that.

Also, Kicking does have an effect if you leave a message that doesn’t say booted from server if you gave me a message and said something like: “Don’t swear so much or else you will remove a temporarily ban.” I would’ve stooped, a boot from the server sounded just like a little joke for me. If you were being koi and just kidding i said the DDOS thing WHICH WAS FALSE as a joke.

You was also kicked for some really, really dirty talk. You was also kicked the other day for the same reason!

Let me post a screenshot of what you said, since it was pretty much directed at me

Did you not listen to my previous reply? It was a joke. Can’t you listen a few times? I know you’re a great moderator. But if you’d kick me and tell me to stop instead of just “Booting me from the server.” I’d listen. I almost lost my account My 20 Euro account to these problems. And since that day I have listened to every single kick reason i have gotten unless they are just stupid.

And no, it was not directed at you… it was directed at the people who was talking about school. And if you end up banning people because of an insult you should be more careful with your moderation powers.

I kicked you for a reason, which was a sign to stop.
The “American faggot” didnt get you banned. I just kicked you because that was unacceptable. I banned you for what you said when you came back. I seriously do not appreciate that “joke”

Please be fair. You’re sounding like an 8 year old girl! “I didn’t like it.” And that’s a reason to ban me? I am trying so hard to not be harsh but now i am seriously mad. Listen, let me draw you a situation. You sit at a stand-up show. And the guy makes a joke that you get offended by and you kick him off the stage and ruin his dreams because of you didn’t like the joke and didn’t understand the humor. I watch Leafyishere, and Pyrocynical In their sense the DDOS is just a joke. Please… Please unban me, i will happily be muted from chat forever. Just please let me build again. I can’t find any other servers that have so many friendly people. Please. I regret making the DDOS jokes and i will never use swearwords or harass anyone again. This server is so much fun and i am struggling to find anything else to do instead of building on this server with the amazing people that represent PCB.

I am fair.
But DDoS is not something to joke with, especially not in that way.
Everyone on here knows I can take a joke, but you crossed the line there.

Also calling me an 8 year old girl doesnt help. If you want an unban please be respectful.

Ok, i will be respectful if you deny this message from the heart you are pretty much heartless. Not to be rude.

Listen, I am not trying to pull the sympathy card and saying that i’m the victim. But listen. I’ve had social issues the entirety of my life. Since kindergarten to middle school i have been lacking friends. At the age of five i was diagnosed with some serious ADHD. And that diagnose did not help it all it made it like 30% more difficult to find friends. And the few friends i had left me because of my energy and my in poor taste jokes. And i also got my a a gigantic rock in my head almost breaking the front of my skull and i can say that i have gotten a few consequences from that situation. And i am still struggling to find friends.

So my jokes might be serious. And i have adapted terrible behaviors from a lot of messed up people. Causing me to have even MORE social problems. Now just don’t come to the conclusion and tell me that real life symptoms transfer to online gaming. But it really does. I make these in poor taste jokes which i don’t realize are bad 'til they’ve been out there a few seconds. And i have also watched toxic ass youtubers which use the DDOS joke a lot. And i didn’t know how serious of a problem it was until mount told me one day. And i forgot and when i made the ddos joke i instantly regretted. I was just about to say please don’t ban me it’s a joke. And i am sorry that i was being disrespectful i was just salty and outrageously mad at you because you’ve banned me from the only server i enjoyed.

So i am sorry that i make extreme jokes and sometimes don’t stop. But from now on i will try to not even use the chat so often unless i really need to. Also i will try to put out the swearing fire and stop with the ddos jokes. So please unban me. The first day i joined the server i instantly wanted to be staff to help the server. This may just sound retarded but i really freaking mean it. I ask you amazing person, To unban me and let me talk to my friends again. Creepermasterz just came back online and being banned when i first have seen him in months i feel really bad. I am SO SO sorry for offending you, i will never do it again.

My only input is that you’re refusing to accept full blame there in your last post. You’re blaming it on a mental health condition, instead of yourself. Saying we’d be “heartless” to deny an unban because you have ADHD is like someone telling us “I’m sorry for using racial slurs towards everyone, my dog died”. Like, okay, sorry to hear that, but it’s not our fault you cannot control yourself or conduct yourself in a respectful manner. We try to be a good community, and if someone cannot contribute to it positively, we don’t need them in it.

I understand you’re sorry, but don’t excuse it, take responsibility, dude.

Of course i am blaming it on mental health Did you not read the entire thing? Saying your heartless was surely crossing the line, AGAIN. But the reason why i blame it on mental health is because i try too hard to get friends that i eventually scare them off and get them to ignore me at last. And i had a few “Friends.” Here on this server and that’s why it’s heartbreaking for me to be banned.


You were saying inappropriate things, and the kick was a serious warning. Apparently you didnt take it as such, so I want you to learn a lesson here.

So this obviously happened after I was on earlier and kicked super for the way he was behaving in chat.

Man just man up and admit you are the one in the wrong please.

If you were kicked there was a reason - you know why you were kicked by me earlier and you said sorry.

However it obviously restarted and eventually you have been banned.

Apologise for your behaviour towards others and your in-chat language then perhaps this can be forgiven.

Also please do not argue with staff as this just digs a bigger hole to get out of.
If we feel any guest/member is overstepping the mark we will ban and that is our right.

I can take full blame on myself. I mean it was I who wrote those jokes. And i have learned a lesson. And i will continue to learn, and i will never stop learning from now on. Please… Please unban me. I can’t shrug this off.

And i know that i am in the wrong here, and i will try to man up. And stop saying these jokes is the first step. Please tell me what else i need to say to stop, or what else i need to stop doing to be unbanned. I will do pretty much anything.

I am willing to unban you, but only if you promise me you will take your lesson seriously, and will right away next time, and just listen to staff. Although this will be your last chance, if you fuck up, you’re gone.

Do you have anything to say to that

I admit that i am in the wrong and i know that this is all my fault and will take this seriously, I REALLY DO

I admit that i am in the wrong and i know that this is all my fault and will take this seriously, I REALLY DO! And i know at this point i have nothing else to put in my defense. So yes i have learnt a lesson and i promise to take this extremely seriously, and i will take it seriously right next time. And from now on i will also try to listen to staff more as well. And i will try so hard to not fuck up.

You will be unbanned in 24 hours from now on.
If I forget, feel free to PM me.
But we will keep an eye on you, and I hope you learned your lesson.