Super Lag in Asmo's town

I was exploring the other day while yomi was doing some building, and Asmo’s town is stupidly laggy, for me at least.

Is it the blocks being used there or what? Is there something we can do to alleviate that issue?

Does he still have PCs/Trade Machines around? We’ve already said they render horribly and lag the piss out of anyone. He might have not gotten around to removing them.

… I was literally the one who raised the issue. The only non-cube are one healer. There are a few banners but not enough to make a real difference. Possibly it could be due to the grimstone? The way they’re rendered (like glass with optifine) might be causing it, or it might just be all the w/e’d stone, since it’s all underground.

Just because you raised the issue doesn’t mean you immediately went and fixed it, well…if you’re me at least…

In any case I went there myself and didn’t have any outstanding amount of frames drop. I think it might just be you Shadow.


Ok well ill simply have to avoid the area till i get that new PC im planning on building.

Pray that i get this job with AT&T today so that i can finally start making money to pay bills and have nice things again

Good luck!