Super Flat

Okay I know on single player you can choose a world called super flat. I this lets you have a massive flat space where you spawn. I think that this might be a good idea for creative with all the builds. I don’t even know if this is possible on multiplayer so just letting you guys know.


Meh I dont know it would be really… boring :-\

It would be great for building, i’ll give you that, but it wouldn’t be very creative or fun… It’ll be a lot boring just dealing with flat lands… Its more fun building in unique places than just something flat.

It would be kinda annoying considering I spent ages flattening land for WestSpur and my stadium and then we just get a super flat map -.-

That would totally destroy my underground city, the supper flat option only gives you like 5 of land under you, that would not work. It would also be quite borring.

I agree with the fact that it would be quite boring but it (as I have said) would be great for a city or skyscrapers

We have worldedit for levelling land… I don’t think a super flat world is needed tbh, you dont get to build coastal or riverside towns, and cities like the one fili is building which rely on having some form of land structure would fail.

We don’t change the Creative map, or at least we don’t plan to. We didn’t in the past either when Survival was wiped. Flatgrass is good for some builds but it lacks the variety that others need. We used to have Flatgrass back on Classic and there was only so much you could do.