Sup Guys :P

So I decided that since I joined I never really did the whole hello thing even though I’m bit late with it Hey ;D
Love you guys soo much and… well that’s all I can think to say unless I get more specific in my hellos :stuck_out_tongue: plus alot of you already know me … :o <---- Hey look I found a cool emote

Love from your bestie Emfitty

Hi Emfitty, you know what they say better late than never. Glad you enjoy PCB site so much I hope you have many years playing.

Oh thxs Buster ;D btw I don’t know if I ever told you how much I love your shop and maybe you should read your sign for the black wool… <3 ya

Hello emfitty! ive seen oyu around!

Ey emfitty, I’ve seen you already too!

Post #400 =D

Well i’m pretty much never on the servers :stuck_out_tongue: So you’re new to me. Welcome to the forums!!! :smiley:

Welcome to the forums! :stuck_out_tongue: Seen you on the server and on Team speak xD Well I’m glad you’re having fun!