Summary of new maps.

Quote from Specialk

Here is what is going to happen:

"We are going to have a new map when the next version of Minecraft comes out. There will be no transfers or builds or items. It will be a new survival map and a new creative map. The current maps will be archived and building rights will be turned off. We will keep the economy as it is but without admin shops. Flying will stay the same, as will death chests for donators. Money will be reset, with donators starting with the amounts they donated.

For those who want a more ‘vanilla’ survival experience, there is a new server that will be going up. I have been testing it with a few players for the last month. It will be configured as a hardcore server. That means no flying, no economy, no death chests and a ban when you die. To buy back, you need to use your in-game money earned on the main server.

It does mean that we are fragmenting the community a bit, but this is the only way we can keep most people happy. There seems to be a large portion of players who want a pure survival experience, yet there are others who want things to remain the way they are.

Do not complain about the lack of transfers, it has not worked out well in the past.

Also, when we change to the next version of Bukkit/Minecraft, I will be able to reinstall the server and put a better version of Java on there. No more crashes!"

Hmm in the new map, sadly this will not happen, but i would love to see fili’s city/town place to become the lobby or creative spawn or even just a town!

I saw this and pulled a confused face as to why this topic was needed at all.


I assumed it was due to Special’s post being hidden from members because it was in a staff board. If not that, then to bring it to the attention of others because we were still getting asked about our “new map”.

I decided to grab this from the 6 billion page long discussion post about the new maps, because many people are not aware that this is happening, and I thought I’d draw some attention to it. If you want to call it a re-post, then go ahead.

I’m grateful for this to be honest. I was struggling to keep up with what was going on with these maps and things and that really clarified it. I’m probably not the only one who feels this way so thank you for the post :slight_smile: